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Wells & Tate Electric Co, Inc. is committed to providing and maintaining the safest working conditions for its employees, employers, and environment in which we work. The health and safety of our employees is our top priority.  Wells & Tate has a goal of accomplishing “Zero Accidents in the Workplace” by providing the training, resources, and proper protective equipment for the job.  By following OSHA regulations and our own stringent standards we believe that all accidents are preventable.

Wells & Tate encourages all employees to work as a team and inspires that safety is a job requirement.  Management down to field employees are all involved in the safety process of a job, and each employees’ views and ideas are all imperative to providing the safest working conditions for the environment in which we work.

We believe that proper training is critical to the achievement of any safety program, and that our ongoing training prepares our employees to perform the job safely and efficiently.